Weekly Reading Group

The security reading group meets Tuesdays at noon. In the past we have met in Moore 102 over lunch. Right now due to covid-19 we are meeting online. To improve security we are meeting using the Brave Together E2EE video conferencing platform. To join:

  • Download the Brave browser.
  • Go to the following Brave Together link.
  • Click the shield in the bottom right-hand corner and enter the weekly E2EE password.
Please join our mailing list to receive weekly passwords and information about upcoming meetings.

The reading group is open to all students and Penn affiliates. Each week we read a paper from the security literature on a variety of topics, including applied cryptography, hardware security, and side channel attacks. We also occasionally host talks on security topics. If you are interested in giving such a talk please contact Daniel Noble (dgnoble at cis dot upenn dot edu).

(Weekly readings are also posted to the Google calendar).



We are grateful to our sponsors for supporting the DSL, SecLab, and this reading group.

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